Sleepless nights

Its been a week since Oh Guys, and we are slowly registering that we will have 6, yes 6 children by mid 2018. Eek.

Here, in no special order are the things that have been keeping me awake this last week.

  1. What happens when they all get chicken pox? I’ll be housebound for months.
  2. How do I get toddler twins and twin babies out the house – do such wheels exist? (more on that at a later date)
  3. How the hell I am I going to manage toddler tantrums, and being weighed down with 2 watermelons on board?
  4. Will I ever get to go out with the girls to moan about my children, and IF I did, my slot on the agenda for moaning will take seriously longer than everyone else’s, will they die of boredom?!
  5. How do I get the oldest 2 to school, heavily pregnant pushing toddlers in a double buggy – is it acceptable for a 5 year old and 7 year old to walk up t’ginnel (Yorkshire for lane) by themselves?
  6. Would it be so bad if I ate Whole Nut everyday for 6 months?

OK, some slightly trivial, but you try talking to my crazy brain at 3am.

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