2018 in review

Doesn’t the title sound fancy?  Sort of Guardian like or BBC News 24. But no, its little old me looking back at probably the craziest year of my life so far.  I’m nervous to say ever, as I fear the crazy life we now lead will probably get crazier (no I’m not pregnant)

I should also credit iPhoto and Facebook for helping me review my year (basically my brain is too fried to remember what the hell we did)

January – I had accepted the reality of a another twin pregnancy, spent another Christmas booze free and was still working, and feeling like utter poo. The highlight was spending a fab morning with the super Insta Mum Giovanna Fletcher – teaching first aid to her and her lovely sister.  It meant a night in a hotel the night before (bliss) and a road trip with my lovely PR manager and fabulous friend the wonderful Jacky Burton.  I confess I was a little star struck by Gi and Tom but they made me feel so welcome and were slightly shocked at my second set of twins announcement!

February – Still working and blowing up like a balloon rapidly was the turn of Facebook live events for Mothercare and Childs Farm. Basically I get to pretend I was a TV presenter and talk all things first aid with their Facebook followers. SO MUCH FUN (and more child free hotel nights – yes please!!) Super Nanny Lottie arrived in our lives. She is my right hand lady and frankly deserves a medal.

March – International Women’s day saw a multitude of amazing and motivating posts on social media from some of my idols. It makes me so thankful that we live in a society here in the UK, where Women are celebrated, are entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians and raising families at the same time – us girls are really rather clever aren’t we?!

In March Matt and I also had the annual joy of taking 50+ Mini First Aid franchisee’s away for a training weekend. Hard blooming work, but so privileged to work with such an amazing crew of people. Oh and it snowed – the Beast from the East which stopped our lovely folk from getting home. Thanks for that.

April – Watch out Norfolk, the Balls and 2 other far more suitable sized families holidayed in Norfolk. Pregnant, grumpy and aching like you wouldn’t believe my lovely pals made sure I we had a super holiday and the kids had a total blast.

May – Apparently I attempted to sell some flag stones (they are still leaning against the fence so guess that was unsuccessful!)  There is also a picture of the twins trying out potties.  Well that clearly didn’t work. We are still very much in nappies. I am by this point 7 months pregnant, miserable, fed up and wishing these babies out.

June – D Day.  Father’s Day gift for Daddy was babies 5 & 6, Poppy & Amelia born 8 minutes apart at 37 weeks by natural delivery. My pelvic floor forever ruined. Our family complete. Definitely no more.

July – Hello Daily Mail readers – want to read my story, no? well you are getting it anyway. I’m sorry that I’m irresponsible for having so many babies, that I must have lots of help, I’m greedy and something about my impact on the planet – but as my lovely cousin Hannah said, I’m adding people to help pay the taxes for the ageing population. I didn’t respond with that. I just enjoyed the five minutes of fame of folk saying they had seen me in the Daily Mail and frankly ignoring the negatives. I grew 6 babies so there.

August – School holidays. Horrendous (kids loved it) I was so exhausted I cried most days.

September – Kids went back to school, play groups all re-opened and life started to roll again.  I went back to work 1.5 days, sleep was somewhat absent, so somehow sitting in the office was a break, and I felt (still feel) guilty that I love it.  Babies blissfully happy being looked after.  I got to meet Ella (of Deliciously Ella) she oozed healthiness and I made it my plan to eat better (ish).

Then my lovely Dad had a stroke, he was lucky to be in Hospital and treated within 2 hours of the stroke – the impacts minimised but still horrible, frightening and throughly unfair.

October – Just when life thought we needed some more challenges cue Bronchiolitis for the youngest set of twins, blue lights to hospital, and a stay of 3 days at our old friend Ward 9.  The NHS is truly a fine thing and my babies were soon on the mend.  The big twins turned 2, and made their current ‘moods’ official 2-year-old tantrums embracing them in full.

November – Our biggest turned 8, I have an 8-year-old.  A mad party spent trampolining with his bestest friends (I certainly did not bounce) oh and a cheeky letter from Kensington Palace. It appears the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge rather like my second children’s book Sit Chop Chew. (YAY!!!!!) And Frankie Valli thought he’d take my hubby away on an arena tour.  Basically Matt got to play trombone with a legend, stay in hotels, eat good food and leave me at home with 6 kids. It was in Matt’s words  “an amazing opportunity” (which is code for bloody nightmare for me!)

December – In no particular order; Weaning youngest twins (I seem to have lost 6 months somewhere) Christmas drinks reminding me I cannot handle my drink anymore (OK I never really could) Epic present buying and a massive Christmas with oodles of visitors and then to NYE.  Tonight I’m home alone with the 6.  Matt is working and if they all sleep I plan to be in bed with my light off way before midnight. ROCK AND ROLL.

So I finish 2018 a Mum of 6 (eek), married for 10 years (next week). Life hasn’t gone to my ‘plan’, I cry a lot, I drink wine each bedtime rather too enthusiastically, I do sometimes dream of a quiet life, I’m luducriously proud of Mini First Aid (do you know across the UK we train over 1000 families a week in life saving first aid?!)

I’m exhausted but happy.

Happy New Year one and all, and wishing you a healthy and happy 2019.

One thought on “2018 in review

  1. A fabulously hectic year for you lovely Kate! You and your family are truly amazing and we love that you don’t share things through rose tinted glasses. Being a mummy is super hard let alone with double twins plus your lovely older 2! I hope 2019 is equally as lovely but maybe slightly less hectic 🤞🏻 and full of happiness and healthiness for you all x

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