Oh Guys….

The words used by an ultrasound technician. Twins. Again.

Let me bring you up to date.  I’m one half of a husband and wife working team  – we run 2 businesses (more on them later), currently have 4 children and live in the suburbs of Leeds.  We did the dating thing, married, and had a couple of kids (boy and girl), put on weight and spend our lives trying to live and lose weight at the same time.

Our ‘not quite complete’ beacon was blaring and we decided to have a 3rd baby. We got twins, our adult to child ratio was officially knocked out forever.

Our beautiful twin girls have completed our family. We accept our constant fatigue and that we are late for everything.

And then we burst the already fragile bubble, pregnant. Ouch. Twins again.

So here we go, 2 businesses and pending family of 8. Shit, shitty shit shit.


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