The Highs & Lows

The latest additions to the family are 12 weeks old and it’s been a roller coaster ride. Babies 5 & 6 – Amelia and Poppy have settled in to the chaos and we are just about getting our heads around having 6 children.

I feel OLD, the sleep deprivation is an utter killer, trying to get these two hungry mouths in time together is no mean feat. LOW

Having any more than 3 hours sleep in a row is now cause for celebration. HIGH

The love, support, kind words, and general cheer leading for me are motivation itself.  I’ve lost count of the number of people who have called me Super Woman. HIGH

My superhero pants are far too tight to fit over my trousers. My arse remains huge and I fear the extra-large- supersize-pregnancy-comfort-pants won’t be leaving anytime soon. LOW

The glorious heat wave that we were treated too should have been utter bliss.  Try it with hormonal sweats and sticky babies wanting to feed all the time. LOW

The temperature has now dropped, I can wear baggy jumpers. HIGH

I don’t even recognise my body, the extra saggy skin, the water retaining digits, the aching joints, and the carpel tunnel fingers.  In the mirror its not me, its not vanity,  but its just accepting that this is me for now.  LOW

My body has grown and birthed 6 babies. HIGH

The babies took ages to smile. LOW

The babies are now smiling, making it all worthwhile. HIGH

Everyday in the last 12 weeks has dealt highs and lows. I love being a mum of 6 but then dread the next one to cry.  Good news is I’m in for the ride 🙂


One thought on “The Highs & Lows

  1. You’ve done amazing! I don’t enjoy the first few weeks at all, I don’t mind admitting it. My third is now 6 weeks and I’m loving her little smiles and personality coming out a bit! X


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