10 years and you get Tin?

Yes, you read it right. For 10 years of blissful married life you are rewarded with that precious metal Tin? I mean come on. We feel like we deserve platinum! Its been a crazy ten years. 2 house moves, 1 big house project, 6 kids and 2 start-up businesses. We don’t want any pats on the back, just a good night sleep and no night feeds.  But that can’t be possible, “surely people with 6 kids don’t go away for a night?!”

Those were the words I moaned at my lovely girlfriends a few months ago. To be met with ‘go’ ‘book a break’ ‘do it’ ‘we’ll share out the kids’. So I did it, I came home booked a hotel (for the wrong date, but that’s another story!) and a meal at fancy pants restaurant for my foody hubby to fill his boots.

Moving the youngest twins to friends for the night involved so much equipment it looked like we were moving in as we did endless runs from the car with their gear.  A hastily written load of notes on their routine (I nearly forgot to include the manual) and enough nappies to take care of all eventualities for the next month!

The biggest 2 were off for a sleepover with their buddies, on the threat of mis-behave or argue and you come home. (Very empty threat) and the middle twins at home with super Nanny – she is the only one I would inflict their very ‘lovely’ two-year-old selves on right now . She is the boss and takes no messin’.

We head North to the divine hotel which is Rockliffe Hall – our bedroom was MASSIVE, made to feel even bigger as it’s the first time in 6 years we’ve been away without a travel cot (s) in the room. We had the most relaxing 20 minutes to change and be in a taxi – we were ready in 15 including drinking a gin (we don’t hang about we are professional speed dressers).

Our dinner was at Raby Hunt – it has not one, but two Michelin Stars, and we’d booked a tasting menu with accompanying wine. All served at the kitchen table – not the food stuck in grooves type variety we have, but a high bar looking into the kitchen so the chefs could show us our dinner being prepared. All 15 courses! It was incredible – the courses were each mouthfuls of incredible flavours. Reacquainting our taste buds with Salt (its been a while). The food was prepared in intricate ways, I spotted tweezers being used when plating up – we only have one implement that gets regular use at home and its a ladle!

Add the accompanying wine to these 15 mouthful of flavours and I was so full you could have rolled me out, in fact I was that wobbly on the wine I practically did roll out!

The next morning, we lay in till 9:30 (an unknown time zone to be in bed) ate breakfast whilst talking to each other! and took a whole hour to consume a good proportion of the food on offer.

Before coming home we spent the day in the SPA, hours of bliss floating around in hydrotherapy pools and sleeping by the pool on a lounger. It was heaven. We spent hours not really chatting – no grumps, just nothing to say. (we had no work and no kids discussion rules).

Home and all children returned to the nest. Me sat creating a to do list for Matt of all the jobs I’d thought up for him in the silence… he didn’t think I’d totally switched off did he?!



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