6 little notes on Mother’s Day

This will be the last year where my pack has grown in numbers! From now on it’s the 8 of us against the world. So what, my little ones can I find to say to you all this Mother’s Day. 

Firstly to you all, thank you for letting me be your Mummy. I might look a bit fed up or sound rather cross at times. But I love it (good job as there are so many of you) being your Mummy is the best job in the world. Never would I find a more challenging and yet rewarding role than this. 

So to Alfie. My biggest and only boy. You are the leader of the pack. You are growing up so fast, I can’t believe you are 1/2 way to 16 already! Despite the often growly words when you insist on coming back downstairs to talk to us after all your sisters are in bed, Daddy and I love the conversations and we really don’t mind that much that you always seem to appear as the takeaway arrives! This year you came away with work with us and I have never had so many proud Mummy moments all jam packed into one weekend. You were, and are a total star (and a damn good young bar tender!) 

Grace. Nothing is urgent ever, your “I’ll be there in a minute” attitude is for everything. But despite driving me to distraction I am secretly envious of your pace. You are your big brothers punch bag, daily, often hourly and it’s been that way since you were teeny tiny. But boy do you hold your own. When I see you all dressed up for your ballet show, smiling at the crowd of 100s of parents, watching you move your lips as you count the steps. You are beautiful. 

Emily. Never ever have we had a child talk at 2 like you talk. The words are endless and the loud deep voice that bellows very articulate commands at us all is a well known feature of our home. Being 2 has been troublesome for you. The tantrums are wild and yet moderately amusing when you snap out of them like nothing has happened! I love that you like to know where everyone is especially your side kick twin sister. 

Olivia. Whilst Emily articulates the words for you (and we confess we often say “yes” when we don’t really know what you said), you are the social one. You say hi to everyone. You are never more than a few feet from my side and always the first small person to come and find me in the morning. 

Poppy. My squidgy baby who always looks surprised and pleased to see me even if I’ve only been out of sight for a moment. You love being as close to faces as possible. You are the cuddle monster. You are also the last baby of mine to breast feed. We still catch the occasional feed at bedtime and I love those few moments of 1:1

Amelia. Our teeny tiny person. Will you always be so small? You already keep us on our toes, finding you under tables & rolling towards doors, furiously wanting to feed yourself. Oh my little one you are amazing. 

And then to my Mum. I honestly believe I am the Mum I am because of the role model you have been for me. You might have purple hair at the moment but we’ll forgive you for that. Me and this huge pack of children are very lucky to have you. 

Being a mum isn’t a given, I know that 6 times over makes me a very lucky lady.

Happy Mother’s Day

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