Who has 6 children? I mean really?

For fear of sounding repetitive, I am really struggling to get my head around the fact that we will have 6 children. Pregnant with twins again and my body is already giving me a hard time.  I’m breathless, have back ache and my knees are playing up – I find myself wondering if my near 40 year old body can actually withstand another twin pregnancy or whether I will be a broken stretched wreck come June next year.

Our current twins are limbering up for walking, twin 2 is up standing, pushing a walker and teasing us that at any moment she will take her first step and we’ll probably miss it.  Twin 1 is happy to just crawl at super sonic speed through any open doorway that she shouldn’t be heading through.

Meanwhile the school Christmas festivities have arrived with a bang, 2 christmas jumper days, 1 bun contribution, secret santa, chocolate tombola and not to mention finding something yellow and blue that can be sold at the school fair – no joke, this is 1 week with 2 children in school, what the hell will I do when its 6 in education?? Slope away at the back and hope no-one notices that we no longer contribute because we are so fuddled by all the requirements.

Its the eve of the 1st December and like most families (I’m hoping are all as crap as me) I’ve left it till 9pm to crawl into the attic space to locate the family heirloom advent calendars and add the treats. Hubby is out and I’m dragging furniture about to get into crawl only loft space – I’m pregnant don’t you know – but try telling the children in the morning that advent is quite ready because Daddy hadn’t moved the chest of drawers.

I feel sick, the horrid growling nausea that stays with me throughout the day – morning sickness yeah right.  I might just have to eat 24 days worth of chocolate to make it go away : )

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