TV appearance anyone?

Today I am celebrating my 10th week of pregnancy by hiding my ever protruding bump under the news desk of SKY News Sunrise Breakfast show. Having won the NatWest Everywoman award yesterday today I was asked onto SKY news to talk about what it means to be a women entrepreneur with lots of kids (I added that last bit)

I entered The Everywoman awards in the Aphrodite category for a Woman establishing her own business whilst having children under the age of 12.  Everywoman had received 100s of applications (which says great things for female entrepreneurism) and Mini First Aid made the shortlist.  I was interviewed in a Dragons Den style interview by names such as Chrissy Rucker (White Company) and Celia Duncan (Daily Mail). And I did it!  I got to the finals and was featured alongside fellow finalists in the Daily Mail.

One of my contenders was the hugely well-known baby weaning Guru – Annabel Karmel.  Having prepared myself to be the gracious loser, you can imagine my shock when my name was announced as the winner!  Photos, posh trophy, champers (well a little bit) and I’m feeling like I’m currently borrowing someone else’s life for a few days.  I FaceTime home to the crew and I’m top trumped – Grace (5) has her first wobbly tooth, and doubly top trumped (is that possible) by Alfie’s (7) new singing, flashing and dancing Christmas tree (My mother of course).  My moment of glory dashed in seconds.

Back to the TV – ‘get yourself something to wear’. I’d spent all day uncomfortably pulling my posh frock over my rather obvious bump and having not outed our news yet feeling decidedly awkward.  I commented to Celia Duncan (Daily Mail) that there was a secret brewing and why I was so uncomfortable.  I found myself at 6:55pm in Seraphine pleading the staff to keep the store open to help me find a ‘fitting’ outfit for my TV debut. They did and I felt amazing. (See pics)

I’m featured in the Daily Mail on Monday – and DM have asked if they can exclusively reveal our worst kept secret.  So twins announcement 2 will be in the National Press – I only hope that my family will forgive us for the way they are finding out!






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