Cat’s out the bag.

You can’t expect to have a 3 page article in the Daily Mail, be shared all over Facebook and not have folk grinning at you in the school playground.  ‘Twin Credible‘ is what the Daily Mail called me.

Alison Roberts (DM) said this “Let’s be clear: by the time the new twins are born next June, Kate’s family will consist of seven-year-old Alfie, five-year-old Grace, two toddling 18-month-olds, Emily and Olivia, and two newborns. The mind boggles.”
Got you, loud and clear – I’m already having sleepless nights.

One thing that has been a bit of a distraction is thinking about where we are going to put these babes, at the moment Mini First Aid operates out of our only remaining spare room – so its going to be a shiny new office for Mini First Aid (the criteria from me is near a decent coffee shop and a good deli) and then we can think about creating Nursery 2.  The room is grey at the moment, and if you look on Pinterest at ‘Grey Nursery’ some very trendy little set ups emerge.  OK, I confess I might have started a Pinterest board. You got me. So at least when I have my hours of mid-night insomnia I can think about colour schemes, cots and changing tables.

Most importantly we’ve had a scan and the 2 are wiggling about like to little cashew nuts with arms and legs.  They have racing little heart beats and are about 2.5cm big each (doesn’t really equate to new size of my middle).

Hopefully by next week they’ll be some new playground gossip : )


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