Merry Alcohol Free Crimbo

So its dawned on me, the compulsory Fizz that all supermarkets now insist we start Christmas day with, the port, the wine, the sherry, the ice cold G & T and I could go on, are all off measure for Christmas.  Last year breast feeding and this year preggers. Happy Christmas to me 😦

In search of lovely Christmas ‘dry’ tipples I’ve found some lovely Elderflower numbers, some pretend wine, 0% beer and I’m still looking for more inspiration.

The bump has decidedly grown, I’m not sure if that’s because the cat is out the bag and I’ve stopped holding my tummy in, or because now I have 2 limes in my tummy (thank you What to Expect for the size guide).

Today we spent the day meeting the big FC, checking that all the Ball children had successfully made it onto the ‘good list’ (there is still time to fall off it kids, mark my words!)  I spotted 4 sets of twins today. Us parents all give each other a knowing smile, its almost like a discreet high five for managing to bring two people into the world at the same time.  When surrounded by the full broad of 4, comments such as “oo you’ve got your hands full” “Christmas must be pricey in your house” “how lovely, all those children at Christmas time”. Well random commenters – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Merry Crimbo everybody, I’m off to sniff the wine : )shutterstock_339265811

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