New Year and the resolutions thing.

Christmas was, as I’m sure for many families – chaos of volume food production, put-up beds, copious tea making and of course the over flowing bottle bin, not to mention the number of cable ties fought with to extract children’s toys from their packaging. Seriously… toy security has gone mad!

Here we are on the other side, fatter (me especially), poorer and rather glad to wave my older children into their class rooms this morning.

For me the Christmas ‘break’ (really the wrong word) was punctured with spikes of my brain panicking about what next year and subsequent years will be like. 8 of us (before we count any guests), the food shop bill, the presents and when my brain was giving me a little break from the panic I was reminded by others “wow, what will it be like next year in your house?!” “Imagine when all your children bring partners home for Christmas” “think about the number of Grandchildren” yeah thanks. Also feeling totally exhausted, I found myself for the millionth time thinking ‘what have we done’.  Is that bad?

The resolutions from my eldest children; I asked Alfie (7) for his resolutions. His were thoughtful. 1, Help Olivia to learn to climb the stairs. 2, Argue less with Grace (hmmmm) 3, Set a good example for the twins.  Grace (5), her’s will make you smile 1, Learn proper cartwheels (one of life’s essentials I’m sure you’ll agree) 2, Learn to roly-poly in the water, and finally on the same strain 3, Learn to do hand stands in the water.

For me, the resolutions thing; I think I’ve spent quite enough hours agonising over volume of children to soon occupy this house, and all the helpful other numbers that people have been reminding me. So here it is.  Get excited. (note to myself) you are growing 2 babies, this is a miracle, you are lucky, some women have the most horrendous time to be pregnant and you just do it, and in multiples. My resolution is to focus on the positive and put my energy into planning. If you catch me moaning, just remind me of my resolution.

Happy New Year


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