The Red Mist.

Does that title mean anything to you? Let me describe it to you.  You are pregnant and today is a good day, you are smiley, joking, and happy however something upsets the balance, perhaps a knife in the fork tray, or a mug in the glasses (you get my drift, something really major) and this swirling low red mist (of course its red) surrounds you and you become a F’in and Jf’in figure with claws, screaming and plentiful stomping – not to mention the slamming of any door type object.

Then the mist is gone, and you return to that smiley, joking happy person with the nearest and dearest looking bizarrely at you as they fear for their lives (and a probably a bit put out).  This, my friends is called THE RED MIST – and where does it come from? Hormones. Bloody Pregnancy Hormones.

This week the Red Mist has made 2 appearances in our house. If I’m honest I don’t even know what caused Red Mist 1. Only that if one of my children doesn’t say the F word at a totally inappropriate time very soon then I am one lucky lady.

Red Mist 2 – more memorable.  I was ‘cooking’ potato wedges, and they stuck. I was hungry and the wedges wanted to stay welded to the oven dish rather than moving to our plates. Various kitchen implements used in their extraction and the Red Mist descended. I forcefully threw the oven dish into the kitchen sink, and guess what? – Stone wear meet stone sink = smashed up dish. Not clever.

It gets worse…. puzzled husband who has been watching the outburst from the other side of the kitchen (in the safety zone) steps in to extract the smashed pieces from the sink – and promptly cuts his hand open – blood everywhere.  Day job into practice, First Aid in action, pressure, dressings etc.

Cue Alfie (7) who appears in the kitchen. “Mummy I was trying to sleep and I heard you screaming, Daddy got cross and now there is blood everywhere”  I felt like a scalded child.  The Red Mist had vanished and I just felt (and still do) like a foolish idiot.  Reassuring words to Alfie, he is returned to bed (Goodness knows if he said anything to school the next morning….)

I saw the Consultant this week. “Any concerns” Me – “yes my hormones”, Doc; “well I think you’ve had enough children by now to know this comes with the territory, do you need to chat to someone?”


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