Behaving like Goldilocks and a turn on the bus.

Since the regular appearance of the Red Mist (see last blog) I’ve been trying hard not to lose it – after all, I kind of like my children and I would be totally lost without my hubby, so being a little nicer needed to happen.

thumb_IMG_2734_1024What has actually happened is; I went with the time apart makes the heart grow fonder approach – and I have spent the last few weeks cramming in as many turns away from home as possible.  I am Goldilocks (not because of the porridge although I am a fan of the morning warmer) but because I have tried out many a bed to get my sleepy pregnant body to sleep.  No bed shopping, or moving round at home just the number of beds I’ve tried to get to sleep in whilst on my travels.  Ready?  Here we go.

Crowne Plaza Nottingham – One of my lovely friends 40th weekend away, lovely bed, bestie in the twin next to me – more fun to natter than sleep 🙂

Mercure Watford – Night before Giovanna Fletcher’s first aid class, big filming event with Barclaycard and the bed was OK, the walls however were made of 80gsm paper and I could literally hear the couple next door chatting and having a lovely time at 4am!!!


Aunt & Uncle’s house – Post Childs Farm filming event. Home from home, proper tea designed for a hungry pregnant lady, comfy bed and wait for it…… Coffee and Toast served in bed in the morning. Bloody bliss.


Haven Cottage, Oxfordshire somewhere – On route North, quick stopover to catch up with my gorgeous school gang, 10 children between us and not a single one of them present. Opportunity for early night, stayed up a tad too late (after 10pm) nattering and putting the world to right.  Bed, a blooming 4 poster, with chintzy drapes (On a Haven site!!). The cottage had a gas boiler located in my room. I spent all night wondering if it had been checked for Carbon Monoxide and whether I’d wake up in the morning.

Home –  The children only noticed I was gone when I came back. This is where Goldilocks fell fast asleep and has been struggling to stay awake past 8pm since.

What about the bus then Goldilocks? Nottingham train station was on fire, and the option for travelling home was the National Express! Change from a tenner to get home (seriously cheap). There were leather seats, free wi-fi which worked and foot rests – oh how times have changed.  That is when I realised the last time I went by coach was 20 years ago.  Goldilocks is getting old : )


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