A bit of a delay in sharing my musings with you, the Ball family got the winter sickness bug – our house has only just stopped smelling acidic and I swear I have never washed so many bed sheets in a week!! As I type Twin 1 has just thrown up all over her cot, this better not be the bug just doing some sort of circular ’round-the-family-never-to leave-thing’!

Any hoo, moving a way from sick,  I have a new name… Guest. And here’s why.

Last year my other half bought us some fancy pants bathroom scales which recognise you when you step on, ‘Hello Kate’ and then link to my Fitbit.  Brilliant, not only do I know how many steps I’ve walked but there is a lovely continuous reminder of how much I weigh, all synched and put nicely into graphs.  I got fed up of weighing myself last year, when I was trying to shift the last lot of twin weight, and the trajectory line was not going in the right direction let alone at the right angle, so I stopped getting on the scales.

Today, accepting that this year will be a year for gaining I thought I’d just see what I weigh. 18 weeks into my second twin pregnancy, I wondered how much I gained….. Crikey! I nearly broke the scales, 2 stone added already (I’m only 1/2 way through!!) In fact, super fancy pants bathroom scales didn’t even recognise the chunk on the scales, and suggested that I must be a GUEST using the scales. Well FitBit I have 2 guests on board so you got that bit right 😉 and yep, the feet are swelling already 😦




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