Anyone remember the Door Step Challenge?

Am I showing my age on commercials, or can anyone else remember the Daz Doorstep Challenge?

Well Daz, I’m ready….. the children have been to Forest School.

2 days of mud bathing with their friends in the pursuit of outdoor education.  Ever heard of, or been to a forest school?  Very trendy in education right now.  Trend however, had nothing to do with my children attending, for me, its good value, they are outside burning off that ridiculous amount of energy.  They get to do all the muddy things that I won’t or don’t do with them, they can create master pieces with natural resources and its 4 hours for 2 days in half term where they are fully entertained without me.



The children were so ready for half term, weepy, grumpy messes by Friday last week so a week of more relaxed morning starts, and lots of fun was just what was in order.

Even the twinnies have got involved – the pleasure in playing with the crumbled dried mud that has filled our hall, I need to hoover it up before they eat it all……

If you are Leeds based check out – I’m not being paid we just think Amanda and her team are just brilliant and deserve a shout out.  If you are further afield Forest School is a recognised organisation with classes for children across the UK.

I’m off to deal with the washing only there doesn’t appear to be anyone at the door brandishing a red box to help me out 🙂

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