The big gender reveal…. (apparently)

I did it, I got to 20 weeks.

For me, 20 weeks always seemed such a long hill to climb and frankly I’ve been feeling so poo that it’s a very welcome point to reach. I’m half way!!! and in twin mummy terms, I’m over half way (my last twins were born at 37 weeks).

I’ve lost sleep the last week or so.  2 things have been playing on my mind. I’ve started experiencing those lovely flicks, kicks and little wiggles – but only in one place on my tum – where was the other twin?  And at 20 weeks, the purpose of the scan (it really is not the gender reveal) is check for abnormalities.  I think I’ve got worse at worrying about issues, how we would cope with a problem and the most awful bit, what if there was only 1 twin?  Call it unreasonable or just typical worries but you tell my brain at 3am.

We drove to the hospital (on what feels like automatic pilot we’ve been so much in the last few years!) and waited and waited and waited (ladies you’ll know this is not much fun with a full bladder!)

Name is called, we’re in, I’m aware that I’m holding my breath.

2 heart beats, 20 fingers, 20 toes, 2 noses, all the vital bits doing what they are supposed to be doing.  And why could I only feel one? I have an anterior placenta for one of the babies which makes movements feel different (placenta is on the front wall of my womb – belly side).  If you’ve experienced an anterior placenta message me or comment, I’d love to hear your experiences especially as monitoring movement is so vital.

Alright, you are thinking, we’ve read enough… what’s she having? Scroll down





2 pinks!  Our gorgeous boy is going to have total crew of 5 sisters to manage 🙂


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