Sticky Plaster Please

Turn the clock back to when I was 18 (so, a very long time ago) – and I do what all trend followers do and have my belly button pierced. Of course pre-babies my tum was quite a feature (I thought), flat, toned and with the addition of a pretty sparkly stone on a bar, looked altogether quite pretty.

Cue my Mum, and the frown – “was it a sterile needle?” “uh-yeah course” (I’m pretty certain). And the Mum look which says everything. Then the pause and then the comment, “what about if you want to have babies?”. Well at 18 last time I had checked babies didn’t come out via your belly button so I don’t think it will limit my child-bearing capacity.

Roll on 15 years, belly button piercing is out, as becoming uncomfortable with the neat growing first pregnancy. The bar is never reinstated prior to pregnancy 2, and as for the first twin pregnancy – absolutely no chance.

Although rather smugly nothing really happened to the piercing hole, it didn’t look all that pretty but regained its shape (ish) and I even toyed with the idea that by the time I was 40 I’d be in shape and even wearing a piercing again (clearly it would never see the light of day, but I would know, and I would feel very wonderful).

However, Mum, as always, you are right, my 18-year-old naive self didn’t imagine for teeny second that she’d have 6 babies – now the old belly button piercing area has got fed up from nearly 10 years of on-off stretching.  Its infected. Ewwww, and I’m sporting this rather lovely skin coloured plaster. Shame it can’t be poly-filled like a bad mistake made putting up a picture.


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