To my 4 little friends on Mother’s Day….

Dear the 4 of you, I love this time of year, the garden is getting greener and we don’t need as many woolies – we’ve been caught out this year haven’t we? 4 Snow days off school in March! I love you very much, but weekends, and school holidays really are just fine for family time together. So here is hoping for no more snow.

We have an exciting year ahead, 4 babies will become 6. Not a number I ever imagined I would ever have. These 2 new parcels are very lucky to be joining such a lovely gang of children. If I could just manage the next few months without any aches and pains Mummy would be very happy. Then the madness starts and everyone will have to wait their turn because I only have 2 hands.

So to Alfie, the one boy who soon will have 5 sisters, you are our best boy, slightly too obsessed still with toilet humour and winding your sister up, but we love your creative flair, your endless stories for us to read and contraptions you have made out of Lego.

Grace, our fiery girl who knows what she wants but also has this incredible skill to be airy fairy and the last to be ready for everything. You, my lovely girl have more sparkly jewels, and glittery accessories than anyone I know, long may it last that the costume variety are just enough!

Emily, twin one, who’d still rather crawl than walk but when it comes to talking, always the first to tell us its time for Breakfast and when you want to put you ‘ooos’ on (shoes).

And, to Olivia, my double, I look at you and see my reflection – you are our busy baby and your love of chocolate pancakes is verging on obsession. You are our Daddies girl and I can’t think of a better person for me to come in 2nd to.

So often I find myself being my Mum, her mannerisms, her style of entertaining the children – I am my mothers Daughter, and that is really rather OK.

So children, two minutes peace on Mother’s Day is all I need. Our life is crazy busy, I work too much, I don’t always listen, I have my phone in my hand far too much and you are always being told to wait for Mummy to finish something. But like all the Mummy’s out there today, we do what we have to do, we are not perfect, we would all probably do things differently at times if we had a moment to reflect but the best bit of every day is getting to be your Mum. 11.3.18IMG_2878

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