The terrible 5s (No, its not a 2 the wrong way round)

By June we will have 5 girls and 1 boy – we are good with that, our boy has accepted that he will be top of the tree to a crew of girls.  It always fascinates me how different boys and girls can be.  Our first-born had the usual array of boyish and neutral toys – he loved his toy buggy as much as his train set.

Baby 2, our girl, who was given the same toys, played with the same cars and trains has developed into the most girly girl you could ever meet.  It’s about pink, purple, sparkles, handbags, skirts (never trousers) and jewels.

Taking after mum? no way, I’m the jeans wearing, hair scrunched on top of head, handbag only if I go proper  out out. So it isn’t from me!

Our girly girl is now five, she seemed to sail through terrible 2s – either that or we didn’t notice as we were too busy dealing with her brother.  Tantrums were minimal and we felt very lucky to have this happy-go-lucky toddler.

This is where I stop sounding like I’m gloating – can anyone please tell me what happens to a girl when she turns 5 1/2?  Here is my list, nod if you know where I’m at; screeching, sulking, tantrums, huff & puffs, reluctance to be ready to go anywhere on time, clothes arguments and of course her way or no way.  Give me strength!  I’m going to have a another 4 girls do this!!??!!

I went in the other night to see her sleeping, (with her fairy lights on, because now we are 5 and 1/2 we suddenly can’t sleep in the dark) and I looked at her.  She looked like a baby, sleeping. I fell in love with her all over again, good job, because before bed time I was ready to send her to live with her grandparents!


And today, school assembly, she, being one of the smallest and the youngest in the class spoke to whole school with a microphone about Aliens. Her kinked hair from the plaits we had to put in last night so it looked just perfect today.  Positively angelic. No doubt when she gets home the terrible 5s will pick up where we left off.

Just don’t tell me about teenage years or I might just have to leave home………

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