Mum Guilt

The title says it all – we all get it (please say yes, make me feel better). Here are my trials and tribulations from the last couple of weeks which lead to a mountain of Mum guilt which normally explodes around 11pm when I can’t get to sleep and my whole very pregnant body is hurting.

We’ve been on holiday, beautiful Norfolk which we had never experienced before.  Saved by 2 families who basically had to help parent our children as I was like a static caravan and couldn’t move with horrid pelvis pain.  Children had a riot, Mummy felt guilty as anything. Friends and husband deserve medals.

We are doing up the garden. The practical chance of us getting six children to a public space to play are next to none – so lets bring the park to the garden.  Bye Bye pond, hello more grass, play stuff and obligatory re-fill of last years sandpit.  Guilt? I am sat like an OAP in a chair watching my children play, unable to pick them up when they accidentally fall over one of Daddy’s tools for doing the garden (damn rake).

And then there is the afternoon naps, should be a luxury right?  Instead I wake to see a little face looking at me “Mummy will we see you today?”

and let’s only briefly mention the visiting family, where everyone is given a nominated child to look after – but who do the children want a cuddle with. Me. and I can’t pick them up.

So, all the rational thinking says, it’s for 8 more weeks. Pelvis pain goes away, they’ll never remember this time, they get 2 more siblings, Daddy will recover from his exhaustion and I’ll be leaping around like the pied piper with all my children before you can say boo! So why do I feel so damn guilty?

Mum-Guilt (watch out for it in next edition of the Oxford Dictionary) – a horrid feeling accepting that we can’t be all things to all people at all times.

(and I can’t even drown my sorrows in a bucket of gin!)

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