I can’t hide from it, I am nesting – perhaps not so much in the ‘getting the nursery ready’, more tick off the jobs so my life (or my brain) can function once these additions arrive.  I do have to laugh at myself as to some of the bizarre things that have made this list – and say a genuine sorry to my lovely hubby, who pretty much has the lions share of the tasks as I get ever fatter.

Move office out of the room which will be for babies’ nursery – they can’t sleep (ha ha) on top of a printer.

Move visiting parents out of garage conversion (now to become office) – Done (tick) they have relocated their crash pad to a separate flat, which I love more than my home and it will be blissfully quiet for them to retreat to when they come and stay.

Get rid of pond – risk (despite a grid) was far outweighing the nicety of the sound of a waterfall.

Sell surplus stuff – in a house where every inch of storage space is used for a child to play in or sleep in – old ‘maybe we’ll want this  later’ stuff just has to go.  For those who can see my profile on local selling pages – you will agree it’s quite a random product list I’m selling!!

Buy more school uniform – the eldest 2 need as much as possible so we don’t have the Monday morning, “where is a summer dress” fiasco and the need for baby wipes and a good shake out of the creases.

Put up pictures – little framed exhibits rest in every room against the wall, waiting to be put up… most now covered in finger prints from young admirers.

Buy more big knickers.  My new wardrobe staple.  They look like kites blowing in the breeze when on the line, so much fabric in fact that some made their way to the ironing basket!!! I need more, those first few days and all that…….

Pack a hospital bag – I have list, and should know by now what I should take, but currently locations for all listed items are scattered round the house.

Deal with handprints, general muck on walls and marks that are literally everywhere in the house – cloth, cleaning product and paint brush.

Dead head the garden plants – OK so I’m no Alan Titchmarsh but I do like a nice garden (with my folks’ help) tulips were obliterated by the wind and now we have a lovely display of stalks (everywhere) accompanied by an ever-growing number of dandelion clocks.

Sell the car.  OK so the spare car, we are not going that drastic. The 2nd car that does literally no miles and uses up space on the drive.  Watch out for another selling advert. (plus we need the cash!) (anyone want to buy a Honda CRV?)

Catch up on my correspondence – in real life terms – answer the texts, the messages on various platforms and voicemail from well wishers who probably think I don’t care. Ungrateful cow.  I’m not, I’m just busy making my nesting list.

Rest – twin newborns is no time to enter already tired. Rest. Feet Up. Stop making lists. Deep breaths to be ready. Hmmmm


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