Me time.

Anyone done pottery painting before? Yes? am I the last to join the party?

We’ve been to several children’s parties where the children paint a seemingly useless item which sits on their windowsills asking to be dusted. But they love it and children’s pottery painting parties are a huge hit with our children.

We dipped our toes as a family last year, when spending a gift voucher we went,  (yes 2 adults, 2 children who can operate a paint brush ish, and 2 crazy babies) to complete a handprint plate.  2017, the family of 6, using the largest plate in the shop!

Roll forward 8 months and I get invited to a ladies night at our local pottery painting shop. Its the rage, seriously, this place is booked up months in advance by women who flock there on a Friday night to paint, gossip, drink wine (BYO) and stuff takeaway pizza between sentences.

Bring your own is a fab idea – clearly I’d like to be taking a bottle of vino, alas I had to take a fake bottle of fizz so I could pretend the grape, peppercorn and grapefruit fizz was a very nice pink Cava.

The  shop owners did look moderately concerned when I produced  my bottle of fizz in a pottery shop! Didn’t think about the cork did I!?  So I dutifully fired it in the direction of the pavement outside hoping to avoid any passing traffic or dog walkers.

Bring your own snacks too….. it was like the show and tell of culinary yumminess, we couldn’t help but look at the other tables with stuffed vine leaves, olives, humous, chick pea salads, home made dips – and then looking at our table with a massive bag of crisps and a bar of chocolate (perhaps its the old in the tooth friendship group that we didn’t give a monkeys).

Choosing an object to paint meant we all had to think how we justify such an evening by producing something useful. For me, painting a jug. Its contents for the future likely – custard!

The rest of the girl team selected; coasters, more jugs, mugs and even a dog bowl – oh what a useful lot we are.

As for design inspiration – for me this was Pinterest. Type “painted jug” and voila – move over Emma Bridgewater I’ve got my design. Blue spots.

I joke, a lot, but this new found past-time is AMAZING, so relaxing, and I’m secretly looking forward to going again.

PS – Anyone know what the re-sale value is on a plate that is now out of date with the incorrect number of children? (or I think I’m going to add a dip bowl with the 2 newbie handprints on).

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